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Military Suicides 2013

By Scott B. Anderson

Military suicides trending down; gap between casualties and suicides grows.
Full Story, including link to latest annual military suicide report.

Shown below are monthly totals of suicides for the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines.

We update the data monthly as it is released by individual branches. Monthly Air Force data is not readily available. Graphic at bottom shows preliminary totals for 2012 by branch. Links to related stories and documents listed below.

U.S. Army

Year-to-date through month noted, compared to previous year.
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U.S. Navy

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NOTE: The tentative final total from the Navy is 44 active duty suicides vs. 45 from adding the monthly data release number. Those monthly releases are subject to change; the Navy modifies its running total, but does not provide updated details for a change in an earlier month.

U.S. Marines

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SOURCE: Compiled from U.S. Department of Defense documents

2012 Totals (preliminary data)

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