TSA Gun Data 2014

By SB Anderson

  • TSA gun confiscations up 14% so far this year; averaging almost 6 a day nationwide. Full story.
  • In 2013, The number of guns confiscated from passengers trying to board planes in the U.S. jumped 20% in 2013 to 1,828, with Atlanta leading the way with the most with 110. Confiscations averaged five per day across the U.S. Full story.
  • Download 2013 data | 2012 data

    We build and maintain yearly databases of each gun confiscated by the Transportation Security Administration at U.S. airport, using data extracted from weekly TSA Blog updates. Our database is updated weekly (current data through late February) and is available for download and use, with proper credit given.

    The chart below shows weekly totals for guns found at terminal security checkpoints. If you roll over the bars, you’ll see the number that were loaded and unloaded.

    Our downloadable data is available here.

    Thanks to NSJI’s Tiffany Roberts for ongoing data entry support!